Sushi and samurai, gardens and gold

Kanazawa, Japan – November 2019 While planning last autumn’s trip to Japan, I was keen to include a stop on the itinerary that wasn’t just the usual Tokyo or Kyoto (as fantastic as those places are). After reading a bit about it online, I picked the city of Kanazawa. Kanazawa is the capital of IshikawaContinue reading “Sushi and samurai, gardens and gold”

A Med Student in Montreal

Montreal, Canada – January 2009 (Disclaimer: I took these photos on a potato. They’re not entirely terrible considering they were taken a decade ago.) Almost 11 years ago now, I went to Montreal in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec to do a medical school elective at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI). It was January,Continue reading “A Med Student in Montreal”

Autumn in the Japanese Alps

Shirakawago, Japan – November 2019 On my most recent overseas holiday I travelled to Japan, an increasingly popular destination which has become one of my favourite countries to visit. On a friend’s hot tip, we incorporated a night in Shirakawago into our itinerary. Shirakawago (also spelled Shirakawa-go) is situated in the Japanese Alps in GifuContinue reading “Autumn in the Japanese Alps”